Senior Research Officer
Responsable du service de production et de gestion de l'information
+33 (0)3 81 66 53 66

Manager of the Information Management and Production Department, composed of:

- IT department (software development, IT management, ...) 

- cartography workshop (map making, geoprocessing, ...)

- documentation center (valorisation of publications, documentary research, ...)


Project Manager at the MSHE (USR3124 CNRS/UFC)

- Co-manager of the SHERPA technology platform

- Head of the GeoBFC unit of the SHERPA platform

1988 - Master of Applied Mathematics for Social Sciences

1989 - DEA Modeling of biological systems

1994 - PhD Thesis

2014-present: Manager of Information Management and Production Department at TheMA Laboratory

1998-2014 - Head of the information system of the CNRS regional delegation in Lyon

1996-1997 - ATER at INSA Lyon

1995-1996 - ATER at the University Lumière Lyon 2

1994-1995 - Contractual CNRS

1990-1994 - Scientific resident at the Hospices Civils de Lyon


Stochastic Pyramid and Landscape Ecology: Modeling Spatial Structures Using Computer Graphics

Co-head of the SHERPA technological platform of the MSHE:

- writing responses to "platform" calls for projects in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region

- labeling of the SHERPA platform as the technological platform of the UFC


Member of the steering committee of the regional network 2rce:

- organization of regional days for system and network administrators in the Center-Est region (Nancy, Dijon, Besançon)

 - workshops on new technologies (Besançon, Montbéliard)

Implementation of collaborative work tools:

- spatial data infrastructure based on geOrchestra

- data sharing with OwnCloud

- automatic publication of data on OwnCloud to geOrchestra (ge@sync)

- sharing of computer code with GitLab

- collaborative writing with ShareLateX

- creation of cartographic applications with LizMap, Mviewer, ...

- deployment of database servers dedicated to spatial data management (PostgreSQL / GIS)


Responses to specific needs of research units:

- migration of data from FTP Archaeores server to OwnCloud

- hosting the international Paleofire database

- provision of research data in a FAIR DATA approach (with Erddap)


Administration of the MSHE Virtualization Infrastructure:

- migrating VMware virtual machines to KVM

- generalization of the use of Docker technology

- mass administration of servers with Ansible