Spatial analysis


 fractalyse icone2


Areal and linear fractal measurement software

Fractalyse is a software application for the fractal analysis of 2D patterns. This version 3 of Fractalyse has been written in Java language. Fractalyse runs on any computer supporting Java Virtual Machine. It can be used to compute fractal dimension of bitmap images (raster), vector images and networks.

Language : Java. Systems : any system supporting Java. GPL license.

Contact : Gilles Vuidel, Pierre Frankhauser, Cécile Tannier

 LISDQS icone2


Statistical interpolation software for quantitative and spatial data

Developed since 2007 with support from Franche-Comté University's research and innovation service (pôle valorisation)

Languages : Java and C++. Systems : Windows and Linux.

Contact : Daniel Joly, Gilles Vuidel

 modaccess icone2


Multi-modal network accessibility

Systems : any system supporting Java. GPL license.

Contact : Gilles Vuidel

 Morpheo icone2


python package and plugin QGIS for the characterization of spatial graphs

Language : Python. Systems : any system supporting QGIS. GPL license.

Contact : Claire Lagesse

gwfa icone2  

Package R gwfa

Geographically Weighted Fractal Analysis (GWFA)

This package enables the calculation of the local fractal dimension of a set of points. The method mixes the Sandbox multifractal algorithm and the Geographically Weighted Regression. It can be used to discriminate built patterns within a city, a region, or a whole country.

Systems : any system supporting R. GPL license.

Contact : François Sémécurbe

 wmlf package icone2  

Package R wmlf

Multifractal analysis of images using wavelet leaders

Developed by François Sémécurbe and Stéphane Roux on the basis of the method proposed by Herwig Wendt, Stéphane Roux, Stéphane Jaffard, and Patrice Abry, 2009, Wavelet leaders and bootstrap for multifractal analysis of images. Signal Processing 6 (89), pp. 1100

Systems : any system supporting R. GPL license.

Contact : François Sémécurbe, Cécile Tannier