Graphab icone2    


Analysis of wildlife habitat connectivity and ecological network modelling

Graphab software is devoted to the modelling of ecological networks from the framework of graph theory. It is the only tool able to include construction and visualization of graphs, connectivity analyses and links with external data. It is easily compatible with Geographical Information Systems.

Systems : any system supporting Java. GPL license

Contact : Gilles Vuidel


Pixscape icone2  


Analysis of landscape visibility

PixScape software is dedicated to the analysis of the landscape visibility from raster data. This software integrates the main functionalities available in standard GIS in this domain and offers other original features such as tangential view and multi-resolution analysis.

Systems: any system supporting Java. GPL license.

Contact : Gilles Vuidel


Package R graph4lg

Building graphs for Landscape Genetics analyses

Systems: any system supporting R. GPL license.

Contact : Paul Savary