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I started in october 2017 a PhD project about the potential of the joint use of landscape graphs and genetic graphs to analyse the ecological connectivity of habitat.

2013 - 2017: Student engineer at AgroParisTech (Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences) with a major in Management of Natural Areas in Nancy (ex-ENGREF)

2015: Erasmus exchange at Wageningen University (Netherlands). Courses from masters of Environmental sciences and Forest and Nature Conservation

2011 - 2013: Two-year preparation (equivalent to a NHD in biology) for the highly selective French agronomy engineering schools entrance (Admitted to AgroParisTech) at the University of Bordeaux (Cycle Préparatoire de Bordeaux, CPBx)

2017: Student Assistant Research at INRA (French Institute for Agricultural Research, UMR Biodiversité, Agroécologie et Aménagement du Paysage) in Rennes with S. Aviron, A. Alignier and J. Baudry: Statistical analysis of the effect of landscape and agricultural practices evolution on the pluriannual dynamics of carabid species assemblages in the Zone Atelier Armorique (Long Term Ecological Research, Ille et Vilaine, France)

2016: Assistant Environmental Engineer in the Asociación de Ciencias Ambientales (Madrid, Spain): Analysis of the ecological connectivity in the Rio Henares watershed, gathering of information about water management and biodiversity, website management, as part of the "Proyecto Rio Henares"

2015: Assistant Park Ranger at Puyehue National Park (Lakes Region, Chile): Creation of the virtual herbarium of the park, patrols in the park, mapping, environmental education animations

2014: Assistant Environmental Engineer in the association ATHENA (Loir et Cher, France): Creation of a biodiversity indicator for the hedgerows network of the region Perche. Implementation on the field and presentation of the tool to the local stakeholders (Perche Regional Natural Park) 

The objective of my PhD project is to develop, experiment and compare methods of ecological connectivity modelling combining two graph-theoretic approaches: landscape graphs and genetic graphs. This coupling should allow to benefit from the advantages of both approaches. It could improve modelling methods used by biodiversity managers in order to take conservation measures.

This work draws upon landscape genetics studies, a field study at the interface between landscape ecology and population genetics.

The PhD project is funded by the ARP-Astrance company under a CIFRE contract. My supervisors are Jean-Christophe FOLTÊTE (UMR ThéMA, director), Stéphane GARNIER (UMR Biogéosciences, Dijon, co-director) and Hervé MOAL (ARP-Astrance, Paris, operational supervisor).

Co-representant of the PhD students of TheMA lab in 2019 and 2020

Sessional lecturer in statistics, ecology and geography

Member of the Graphab scientific team (Oriolus and Reaumur projects)

Member of the French Society of Ecology and Evolution (SFE2)

Reviewer for Molecular Ecology Resources

Landscape genetics, landscape ecology, ecological connectivity, dispersal, gene flow, population genetics, spatial statistics, graph theory, network analysis

Publications in peer-reviewed journals :

Savary, P., Foltête, J.C., Moal, H., Vuidel, G. & Garnier, S. 2021. Analysing landscape effects on dispersal networks and gene ow with genetic graphs. Molecular Ecology Resources

Savary, P., Foltête, J.C., Moal, H., Vuidel, G. & Garnier, S. 2020. graph4lg: a package for constructing and analysing graphs for landscape genetics in R. Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Foltête, J.C., Savary, P., Clauzel, C., Bourgeois, M., Girardet, X., Sahraoui, Y., Vuidel, G. & Garnier, S. 2020. Coupling landscape graph modeling and biological data: a review. Landscape Ecology, 1-18.

Communications in an international congress :

Savary, P., Moal, H., Garnier, S., & Foltete, J. C. Analysing gene flow in heterogeneous landscapes: why and how to use genetic graphs? IALE World 2019, juillet 2019 - Milan [Oral communication]

Savary, P., Moal, H., Garnier, S., & Foltête, J. C. Expanding genetic graphs' potential to analyse ecological connectivity: assessment of graphs construction methods. 6th Young Natural History Scientists' Meeting, mars 2019 - Paris [Oral communication]

Communications in a national congress :

Savary, P., Moal, H., Garnier, S., Vuidel, G. & Foltête, J. C. Quand et comment utiliser les graphes génétiques pour analyser la connectivité écologique dans des paysages hétérogènes ? Rencontres d'Écologie des Paysages 2019, novembre 2019 - Bordeaux [Oral communication]

Savary, P., Moal, H., Garnier, S., Vuidel, G., & Foltête, J. C. Quand et comment utiliser des graphes génétiques pour analyser le flux génétique dans des paysages hétérogènes? Petit Pois Déridé 2019, juin 2019 - Gif sur Yvette [Oral communication]

Posters :

Savary, P., Moal, H., Garnier, S., Vuidel, G. & Foltête, J. C. graph4lg: a package to construct graphs for landscape genetics on R. Rencontres d'Écologie des Paysages 2019, novembre 2019 - Bordeaux [Poster]

Savary P., Baudry J., Aviron S., Alignier A. Dynamique pluriannuelle des assemblages d'espèces de carabes en réponse à l'évolution du paysage et de sa gestion. Rencontres d'Ecologie des Paysages, octobre 2017 - Toulouse. [Poster]

Tools and applications :

Savary P. graph4lg: Build Graphs for Landscape Genetics Analysis. CRAN, juillet 2019. [R package]