Jean-Philippe ANTONI

 Jean-Philippe ANTONI

Université de Bourgogne
+33 (0)3 80 39 39 10

Jean-Philippe Antoni is a lecturer in regional and town planning at the University of Franche-Comté. His main research is into the study and characterization of urban areas in terms of their shape and the commuting patterns they engender, interactions among which are modelled as part of the MobiSim project (disaggregated LUTI model) that he directs. He is currently in charge of ThéMA’s ‘Cities, Mobility, Transport’ team and directs the masters course on ‘Spatial information and planning’, which is integrated into the masters in engineering programme (CMI). 

• Accreditation to direct research in 2014: Urban modelling and anticipation. Theoretical elements for a geo-ergonomic approach (University of Franche-Comté)

• PhD thesis in 2003: Modelling urban sprawl: conceptual and managerial aspects (University of Strasbourg)

• Lecturer with accreditation to direct research

• Teaching staff (2000–2010) Strasbourg higher national school of architecture

• Consultant (2003–2006) Geography Workshop (Strasbourg)

• Project manager (2003) Centre for time and mobility (Belfort)

• Senior research officer (2000–2003) Belfort Territory town planning agency (Belfort)

• Cartographer (1998–2000) at OTE Ingénierie (Illkirch-Graffenstaden)

• Research officer (1998) Regional management for cultural affairs (Strasbourg)

• Visiting scholar at LISER (Graduate Studies Programme), Luxemburg (2015-2016

• Head of ThéMA’s Cities, Mobility and Transport teams since 2014

• Member of ThéMA’s governing council since 2012

• Director of ISA masters course (2011-2015)

• Leadership of ongoing scientific programmes: Smart.Boundary

• Leadership of completed scientific programmes: Vilmodes, MobiSim

• PhD thesis supervision: 2 PhD theses in progress

Cities, mobility, visualisation, town planning, urban ergonomics, modelling, artificial intelligence