MobiSim is funded by the French Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (MEDDE) and the French Environment and Energy Agency (ADEME), essentially as part of the PREDIT research program. 


Current monitoring and developments


Since 2006, MobiSim has been redesigned

and is currently being developed by

the research laboratory ThéMA (Besançon, France)

under the scientific supervision of:



Jean Philippe Antoni    

Jean-Philippe Antoni 
Cecile Tannier
Cécile Tannier
Gilles Vuidel

Gilles Vuidel
Computer Scientist







From 2006, the MobiSim development team was also composed of Pierre Frankhauser, Camille Chanard, Joanne Hirtzel, Xavier Girardet, Marion Lamiral, Yann Fléty, Hélène Houot, Nicolas Lunardi, Maxime Frémond, Julien Aubé, Jean-Baptiste Aupet, Marc Bourgeois, Vincent Hély, Mehdi Iraqi, Grégori Rochet, Maxime Carvalho, Jérémie Doyon, Léa Garcia, Yohan Sahraoui, Oluwaferanmi Oguntona.

All contributors were hosted by the Laboratoire ThéMA. 


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Past developments

From 2000 to 2006, MobiSim was developed by ATN in Paris.


The MobiSim development team was composed of: Philippe Casanova, Yann Martineau, Matthieu Legout, Vladimir Koltchanov, Guillaume Faburel, Charles Raux, Jean-Louis, Routhier, Marc Wiel. All contributors were hosted by ATN (Application des techniques nouvelles) or associated in the MobiSim steering committee.