The spirit of the Meetings

"Theo Quant" Meetings take place in France every two years. They are intended to be an intermediary between big symposia, where only completed work is presented, and conferences dedicated to specific themes.

The "Theo Quant" Meetings aim to further methodological and theoretical investigation in the field of spatial analysis, whether by confirmed researchers or PhD students, in France and in other countries. One of their main interests is to allow the exchange of points of view and ideas between researchers of different generations, coming from different fields and working in various areas.

The "Theo Quant" Meetings offer an opportunity to draw up a state of the current doctoral research in the field of theoretical and quantitative geography: the contributions of the PHD students and the young researchers concern either the presentation of their problematics or the technical and epistemological problems, to which the use of new tools gives rise.

The four main goals of the "Theo Quant" Meetings are:

- to present the results of completed research and to provide to young researchers a forum for exchanging and discussing their current research,

- to propose communications of a high conceptual and methodological level,

- to incite the development of theoretical and conceptual reflections,

- to open up to presentations coming from non-geographers.