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#1 2013-11-08 11:07:58

Graphab Dev
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New version of Graphab (1.2-alpha)

A new version (1.2-alpha) of Graphab is available for download.
This is an alpha version, use it only for testing !

- TIF images of 1, 2, 4 bits are now supported for landscape map
- Path metrics have been optimized for disconnected graph (F, S#F, FPC, Ec, CCe, BC, PC, GD, dPC)
- After metric calculation (local, component and delta), the graph with the new metric is automatically drawn.
- External cost raster are now supported for calculating capacity patch, adding points set and SDM

- Error "Raster is not writable" at project creation was corrected
- Metrics F, S#F and dPC didn't include path with zero length, in case of euclidean link set with 4 connex project.
- Removal of variability on graph pathfinder when two edges have the same length
- Removal of  variability on MST graph creation when two edges have the same length


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