PhD theses in progress

Seydou Ba. Sustainability and socio-economic development of territories experiencing administrative spatial evolutions in Sénégal. Supervision : A. Moine

Paul-Marie Guinchard - Metabolisms and Territory: networks position and roles in energy operations and their trends. Supervision : M-H. de Sède-Marceau, Massimiliano Capezzali, Energy Center, EPFL

Nicolas Lunardi. Influence of the actors' strategies on the spatial configuration of daily mobility: exploration through simulation. Supervision: M.-H. de Sède-Marceau and H. Houot

François Sémécurbe. From space to place: informative analysis of the spatial distribution of population using multifractal indexes. Supervision: M.-H. de Sède-Marceau and C. Tannier


PhD theses and accreditations

Yann Fléty, 2014. Towards the observation of Territorial Energy Systems – a geographical design approach for energy territorialisation. Supervision: M.-H. de Sède-Marceau and C. Claramunt (research center of "Ecole Navale de Brest"). Abstract

Stephan Kamps, 2013. Dual-agent simulation model of the residential development process - An institutional approach to explaining the spatial patterns of residential development in France, England and the Netherlands. Supervision: C. Tannier and P. Frankhauser. Abstract

Roger Besson, 2012. Sports, publics and territories, spatial practices of supporters. Supervision: University of Neuchâtel and University of Franche-Comté, A. Moine. Abstract

Hélène Avocat, 2011. Geographical approach of supply process of wood chips of collective boilers. Supervision: M.-H. de Sède-Marceau and D. Joly. Abstract

Camille Chanard, 2011. Planning and energy policies. Analysis of the networks of public managers and definition of suitable territories. Supervision: M.-H. de Sède-Marceau. Abstract

Philippe Signoret, 2011. Territories, observation and governance: tools, methods and realities. Supervision: A. Moine. Abstract - Download

Caroline Tafani, 2010. Agriculture, territory and sustainable development. Systemic analysis of coastal agriculture subject to tourist pressure. Supervision: A. Moine. Abstract

Matthieu Noucher, 2009. Conceptual approach on geographical data as a support for cooperation between territory actors. Supervision: M.-H. de Sède-Marceau, F. Golay (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) and H. Pornon (company IETI, consultant).

Loïc Ravenel, 2009. Analysis of sport areas : contribution of geomarketing. Accreditation.

Bertrand Piraudeau, 2008. Spatial strategies of recruitment of the French football formation centers. Supervision: A. Moine. Abstract

Yael Kouzmine, 2007. Study of migratory processes in the Sahara. Supervision: University of Oran Es Sénia, Algeria, and University of Franche-Comté, M.-H. de Sède-Marceau.

Alexandre Moine, 2004. Understanding and observing territories: a vital contribution of system analysis. Accreditation.


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