PhD theses in progress

Vincent Hély - Transport and land use policies assessment: proposition for an offset decision-making indicator. Supervision: J.P. Antoni and P. Frankhauser.

Jean Houssemand - Conceptualization, modelling and evaluation of the implementation of a typology of vertical eco-district for sustainable urban planning. Supervision : J.P. Antoni

Mehdi Iraqi - Modeling spatial practices and urban morphologies, reducing the impact of daily mobilities for optimizing transport networks : towards a prospective approach of the sustainable urban question. Supervision: P. Frankhauser.

Valentine Judge - Cellular Automata for the simulation of urban growth and cross-border mobility. Supervision: J.P. Antoni and P. Frankhauser.

Emilie Lerond - A geovisualization approach for evaluating land-use and mobility. Supervision : J.P. Antoni

Nicolas Lunardi - Influence of the actors' strategies on the spatial configuration of daily mobility : exploration through simulation. Supervision: H. Houot. and M.H. de Sède-Marceau.

Larissa Silva Lopes - What’s about modelling for rethinking and helping urban sprawl in emerging countries : the case of Rio de Janeiro. Co-direction : T. Thevenin, Benjamin Motte Baumvol et Carlos Nassi


PhD theses and accreditations

Christophe Mimeur, 2016. High speed and the challenge of longue durée. Supervision : T. Thévenin. Abstract - Download.

Justin Emery, 2016. The contribution of micro-simulation for air quality: Methodology for estimating nitrogen oxides on the scale of the city. Supervision : T. Thévenin. Abstract - Download.

Maxime Frémond, 2015. Normative approach for urban planning in Luxembourg, an assessment by simulation. Supervision: Philippe Gerber (LISER, Urban Development and Mobility), Cécile Tannier and P. Frankhauser. Abstract - Download.

Joanne Hirtzel, 2015. Exploration of future changes of residential locations in an urban agglomeration using an individual-based simulation model (Mobisim). Supervision: C. Tannier and P. Frankhauser. Abstract - Download.

Jean-Philippe Antoni, 2014. Urban modeling and expectations. Theoretical basis for a geo-ergonomic approach. Accreditation. Download.

Kawtar Najib, 2013. Socio-spatial dynamics and ways of living of urban spaces: comparison of Besançon, Mulhouse and Strasbourg. Supervision: P. Frankhauser and A. Griffond-Boitier. Abstract - Download.

Stephan Kamps, 2013. Dual-agent simulation model of the residential development process - An institutional approach to explaining the spatial patterns of residential development in France, England and the Netherlands. Supervision: C. Tannier and P. Frankhauser. Abstract - Download.

Guillaume Carrouet, 2013. From the Rhine-Rhône highspeed railway to the Rhine-Rhône "Territory": reticular structures, mobility, and territoriality in a intermediate space. University of Burgundy. Supervision:  J.J. Bavoux and V. Facchinetti-Mannone. Abstract

Claudia Czerkauer-Yamu, 2012. Strategic planning for developing sustainable metropolitan areas with a multiscale decision support system. The Vienna case. Supervision: P. Frankhauser. Abstract - Download.

Thomas Thévenin, 2010. Transport - Space -Time: cross-cutting views of time geography and geo-history. Accreditation. University of Burgundy. Abstract - Download.

Samuel Challéat, 2010. "Save the night" - Light imprint, urban design, and local governance. University of Burgundy. Supervision: A. Larceneux. Abstract

Igor Agbossou, 2007. Agent based modelling and simulation of the urban dynamic, application on residential mobility. Supervision: P. Frankhauser. Abstract - Download

Karima Askassay, 2007. Managing water resources in the watershed of the Souss. From analysis to the modeling of a fragile and complex system. Supervision: P. Frankhauser. Abstract.

Frédéric Audard, 2006. Modeling mobility: generating traffic at the region scale. Supervision: P. Frankhauser. Abstract - Download

Guillaume Girerd, 2004. Analysis of the behaviour of commuters in the perspective of the modal shift. Supervision: P. Frankhauser. Abstract.

Cyril Enault, 2003. Speed, accessibility and urban sprawl. Analysis and application to the urban area of Dijon. Supervision: P. Frankhauser. Abstract.


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