PhD theses in progress

Sophie Schiavone - Quantification of the relationship between the cryosphere and the climate of an Arctic glacier basin, Austre Lovén – Spitsberg 79°N. Co-direction : D. Joly et F. Tolle


PhD theses and accreditations

Yohan Sahraoui, 2016. Comparative analysis of ecological and aesthetic functions of landscape. Co-direction : J.C. Foltete et C. Clauzel. Abstract - Download

Marc Bourgeois, 2015. Ecological impacts of urban forms. Urban and landscape modelling. Abstract - Download

Clémentine Thierry, 2015. City and fortification: from heritage to the production of urban territory. Abstract

Pierline Tournant, 2013. Landscape effect on spatial and genetic distribution of lesser horsehoe bat maternity. Supervision: JC. Foltête and P. Giraudoux (Laboratoire Chrono-Environnement - UMR 6249). Abstract - Download

Xavier Girardet, 2013. Landscape and transportation infrastructures : modeling the impact of infrastructures on ecological networks. Supervision: JC. Foltête. Abstract - Download

Hélène Avocat, 2011. Geographical approach of supply process of wood chips of collective boilers. Supervision: MH. de Sède Marceau and D. Joly. Abstract - Download

Eric Bernard, 2011. Spatio-temporal dynamics of a small arctic glacier: glaciological approach in the context of the current global change. Supervision: M. Griselin. Abstract - Download         

Alain Sauter, 2011. Landscape assessment and public policy. Application to the city of Montbéliard and to the commune of Morez (Franche-Comté). Supervision: S. Ormaux. Abstract - Download

Samy Youssoufi, 2011. Residential satisfaction and spatial configurations in a periurban area. Supervision: J-C Foltête. Abstract - Download

Jean-Baptiste Litot, 2010. Landscape and image diffusion in the French Alps. Geographical approach of the diffusion of scenic postcards. Abstract - Download

Jérôme Bolot, 2006. The transportation on request, a way for a sustainable development of urban areas. Geographical approach and implementation of an operational system in Besançon. Supervision: T. Brossard. Abstract - Download

Jean-Christophe Foltête, 2006. HDR : Paysage et mouvement. De l’écologie aux déplacements urbains : éléments pour une identification des paysages préférentiels. Supervision: T. Brossard. Download

Mohamed Hadeid, 2006. Spatial and social mutations in a steppic area, the case of the High plains in southern Oran (Algeria).

Arnaud Piombini, 2006. Modelling pedestrian route choices in urban areas - Geographical and landscape approach. Supervision: T. Brossard. Abstract - Download

Catherine Caille-Cattin, 2005. Landscape, from the information to the development of a landscaped education. Towards landscaped mediations to the people involved in country planning... Supervision: S. Ormaux. Abstract - Download

Florian Tolle, 2005. Landscape and health risks. A multiscale approach of alveolar echinococcosis. Abstract - Download


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