Christophe Mimeur

 Christophe Mimeur

Université de Bourgogne 2 boulevard Gabriel 21000 DIJON
+33 (0)3 80 39 57 37

Christophe Mimeur is a PhD student in the geography department of the University of Burgundy. His research is into the geo-history of transport networks and the long-term relations between networks and territories.

June 2013: Master 2 Geography – Transport Mobility Environment Climate, summa cum laude

The network-territory connection over the long term. A digital humanities approach. Supervised by Thomas Thévenin.

July 2012: Master 1 Geography – Transport Mobility Environment Climate, summa cum laude

Territorial marketing and the Rhine-Rhône high speed train line. Towards metropolitan cohesion. Supervised by Valérie Mannone-Fachinetti and Guillaume Carrouet

June 2010: Degree in geography, history option

June 2007: Economic and social baccalaureate, European (German) specialism

Since 2013: PhD student at University of Burgundy

Since 2013: Teaching staff in geography department of University of Burgundy

High speed and the challenge of longue durée

Supervised by Thomas Thévenin

The supposed relationship between transport networks and territory remains a highly topical issue, where the construction of new transport infrastructure raises the question of its economic and demographic impact on territories.

The complexity of ties between these two fundamentals of geography raises questions about interaction phenomena in which transport networks might participate in the differentiated development of territories and the same development might structure networks.

The hypothesis is that the longue durée might bring out processes capable of explaining the demographic phenomena at work since 1830.

The theoretical framework into which this work fits is that of geo-history, in which digital humanities are seized upon to address the complex issues of the representation of time in space.

Geo-history of networks

Network/territory relations