Sustainable mobility plan at René Cassin middle school of Noidans-les-Vesoul. Study conducted by pupils in partnership with ThéMA laboratory. January–April 2009

Opportunity study, diagnosis and avenues for action for Franche-Comté Polyclinic. Study by F. Jeolas, supervised by C. Tannier, for Franche-Comté Polyclinic. February–July 2006

Opportunity study and diagnosis of Montbéliard hospital. Study by J. Sonet, supervised by C. Tannier, for Montbéliard development and urban planning agency. February–August 2004

Besançon, Chamars estate, business travel plan support. Study by H. Houot, C. Tannier and T. Thévenin for Franche-Comté environment agency. October 2003


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