Geohistorical map of nations participating in the Olympic Games since 1896
Armelle Couillet, Pascal Gillon
Geohistorical map of nations participating in the football World Cup since its creation in 1930
Armelle Couillet, Pascal Gillon
Career paths of Brazilian footballers playing for English clubs in 2008
Armelle Couillet, Loïc Ravenel
An attempt at an animated map with audio features: paths of three tennis players over a championship season
Armelle Couillet, Pascal Gillon
Migrations of professional basketball players in Europe (Cyril Froidure et Loïc Ravnenel, Mappemonde n°98)
Armelle Couillet, Loïc Ravenel
Figures 6-10 of the article
Changes in noise levels in the city of Besançon by simulation scenario.
Scenarios developed as part of the MobiSim Noise project by H. Houot, S. Pujol, J.-P. Antoni, M. Berthillier, F. Mauny
Armelle Couillet, Hélène Houot
Agenda desynchronisation: File: CMobisim_DA.swf
Modal report: File: Mobisim_RM.swf
Implementation of the tram line (currently under construction): File: CMobisim_TRAM.swf
Daily mobility and urban rhythms: the agglomeration of Besançon
Study conducted by Samy Youssoufi, supervised by Hélène Houot. Master 1 dissertation SHS Geography and territories, University of Franche-Comté, September 2006.
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