The defense will take place at the salon Préclin, 18 rue Chifflet, University of Franche-Comté. This work was directed by Cécile Tannier and Pierre Frankhauser.

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Following former editions, the 12th Théo Quant meetings aim at creating a space where generations can meet, allowing experienced researchers to expose original work, and encouraging young researchers to communicate on their ongoing projects.
Initially centered on theoretical and quantitative geography, this conference is widely open on all disciplines where geographical space is part of the analyzed subject.

Théo Quant meetings wish to encourage debates on conceptual and methodological questions, with no particular thematic focus. However some leading themes will be highlighted based on the participants' submitted material.

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Alexandre Moine, geography professor.

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 The laboratory ThéMA organized the second session of the Master of Geographical Modeling in Dijon


After Paris in December, the laboratory ThéMA organized the second session of the Master of Geographical Modeling MGM 2018/2019 in Dijon (January 30th to February 1st). An intensive spatial modeling program for students from all over France, England, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

The MGM brings together masters from 8 European universities around theoretical and quantitative geography, spatial analysis, statistical analysis, modeling and simulation. It welcomes about thirty volunteer students, who complete their knowledge, learn new conceptual and methodological approaches, and open their field of interest to several thematic approaches. The courses are taught by teachers and researchers from the 8 universities of the network and their respective laboratories.




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