Marc Bourgeois is defending his PhD thesis "Ecological impacts of urban forms. Urban and landscape modelling." on December 11th 2015 in Besançon.

The defense will take place at the Grand Salon, 18 rue Chifflet, Besançon down town. This work was co-directed by Jean-Christophe Foltête and Cécile Tannier.

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The software application MUP-City, which
allows the user to simulate fractal residential development scenarios based on an existing urban pattern,
can be download freely on the web site:

Besides fractal rule for residential development, MUP-City includes nine other planning rules (access to shops and services, access to green and leisure facilities, proximity to the road network, non-fragmentation of built and non-built areas).
The software application has been developed at the research laboratory ThéMA. It received a financial support from France’s ministry for ecology, sustainable development and energy as part of the PREDIT 3 program.

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The defense will take place at the salon Préclin, 18 rue Chifflet, University of Franche-Comté. This work was directed by Serge Ormaux.

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