We have the pleasure to inform you that the new version of Graphab software (version 2.0) is available. This version can be downloaded from https://sourcesup.renater.fr/graphab/

Graphab is a software application for modeling ecological networks using landscape graphs. Graphab 2.0 provides new features:

  • · Grouping patches in meta-patches
  • · Graph clustering by modularity index
  • · Removing patches whose capacity is too low
  • · Circuit theory on the graph : CF metric and distance matrix
  • · Corridors (command line only)


  • · Habitat can be defined by several landscape categories
  • · Patch addition is now available in graphical interface
  • · Least cost paths may take into account slope using a DEM
  • · Automatic conversion of metric distance to cost distance

User manual is available in English and in French.

We hope that Graphab 2.0 will be useful for you! For any problems or suggestions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Marc Bourgeois is defending his PhD thesis "Ecological impacts of urban forms. Urban and landscape modelling." on December 11th 2015 in Besançon.

The defense will take place at the Grand Salon, 18 rue Chifflet, Besançon down town. This work was co-directed by Jean-Christophe Foltête and Cécile Tannier.

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