ThéMA invited at the workshop on “Time-scales and energy transitions” hosted by LIED/Paris VII and co-organized by the national center for scientific research (CNRS)

Laboratory LIED (Paris VII) hosts a workshop on time scales and energy transitions. Thomas Buhler will present first outcomes from the research project TELEM. This project focuses on the monitoring of at-home energy consumptions and mobility practices of a large panel with WiFI/GPS technologies.

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TheMA invited to the International Transport Forum of the OECD

The Joint Transport Research Center (JTRC) Committee of the International Transport Forum (IFT -  OECD) invited TheMA laboratory to present its research on March 30th 2015 at the OECD headquarters in Paris. Two projects developed in TheMA and proposing models and tools for decision-making in land use planning were presented:

  • GRAPHAB 2 , presented by Céline Clauzel, which aims to access the impact of transport infrastructures on ecological networks

  • VILMODes (using the MobiSim platform) project, presented by Jean-Philippe Antoni, which aims to design, simulate, compare and evaluate different scenarios of urban planning and transport policies.
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