Master géographie, aménagement, environnement

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ThéMA Master AGPS Master TMEC Master ISA CMI SIGIT Licence Géographie AUF IP ERASMUS MGM

The 'geography, planning and environment' masters citation is common to the Universities of Burgundy (uB) and Franche-Comté (UFC) for the period 2012–2016. It covers three specialisms, that are differentiated in part or in full from the first year of the masters course.

  • Spatial Information and Planning (ISA) (Besançon) takes a methodological and thematic approach to territories and mastery of geographical information. The skills developed are in spatial planning and development and geographical information methods (GIS, surveys, data analysis, spatial analysis, modelling and simulation). It is a taught course, mostly in Besançon, partly in Dijon.
  • Transport, Mobility, Environment and Climate (TMEC) (Dijon) covers these four key words from theoretical and practical perspectives. TMEC deals with planning issues for more sustainable mobility and with climate change and its impacts on the environment and communities, especially in transport. It is a taught course, mostly in Dijon, partly in Besançon.
  • Territorial Intelligence – Planning and Governance in the Global South (AGPS) (distance learning) proposes tools for addressing the complexity of territories around the question of information for decision-making support. IT-AGPS proposes tools for the context of the Global South, where information and decision making are the subject of approaches that are formalised differently. The course is entirely by distance learning.

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